Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chordiant 6.2 - QueueItem Attribute or Properties - To hold a value in runtime

Before we go ahead, QueueItem is used in case of dynamic processflows, where the requirement is to push into and pull out from queues. Typical example would be any authorisation workflow having hierarchies.

In such scenarios of implementing chordiant workflows, all the service flow information is stored in DB. (jxwwflow and jxwtask tables). State of the process and context variables data are stored inside blob column in jxwwflow table.

Now, if we need a queue item to display a value captured in runtime, the queueitem attribute or property should be set with the value available in runtime. Below are the steps..

1. Open the xml file - 'bpdconstraints.xml' available at ChordiantEAR/config folder.
2. Edit the xml by adding the properties or attributes required. Example -

3. Open Window-Preferences inside RAD and choose BPD in left menu. In the lower panel, select the above file in "Source for QRT queue, user, and property names".

The above proceedure is to define the attributes or properties to be mapped with runtime values. Now, In BPD Perspective, select the task required and in the Properties tab

4. Inside Task properties select Queue and Route properties and click the button present.
5. In the popup, under tab properties, you should be able to see the properties added in the above xml. Select the required and accordinly map it to a value, expression or variable (select workflow scope and context variable. )

Then value at runtime present in context variable is mapped to the property and then can be used. In case attribute is required, use attribute tab and do the same.

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