Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SOA Without Governance = No ROI

Below is the link for a Online Conference on SOA Governance - July 17, 2008 .

In this event, The Top SOA Governance vendors have agreed to answer the 5 Tough Questions below. Tried answering those from my thoughts/experiences,

1. Does SOA Governance help me with both IT and business assets?
Yes definitely. SOA is aimed to Change the IT landscape so as to meet the Business Needs in a Agile Way, by delivering Faster Time to Market, Flexibility to Change. Governance Built over the implementation/enabling SOA into the Company would ensure the above principles are met and Assets created/deployed would be adhered to the Architectural Standards and Guidelines. Taking the example of BPM, This would enable Optimization of Business Processes, making them resuable and also retiring any redundant and duplicate processes which are hampering the Growth of the company. Its not that An SOA Road Map defined for the organisation would deliver all the Goodies that are expected out of it. The goverance framework is most important in ensuring all the principles with which the road map is defined are broken down to lower levels from design to implementation to deployment.

Below will answer shortly....

2. How Can SOA Governance help me comply and define SLAs for business, policy?
3. Compare SOA Lifecycle with Software Development Lifecycle. What's the same? What's different?
4. How do I test updates to existing live SOA services?
5. What are the Best Practices for designing & managing long-running transactions?

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